We work with innovative companies who are looking to undergo significant growth or change. Helping when you just can’t see the wood for the trees. Perhaps the next stage of your plan now calls for skills or knowledge that are not present in the company, or maybe there simply isn’t the capacity for your team to dedicate the time and energy required to further your vision.

We have honed our successful strategies and expertise over twenty-four years. Creating, navigating and implementing complex plans is what we do best. Working side by side with you, we slot into place and get on with the project whilst your business gets on with what it does best.

Provide Non-Executive Director Challenge and Strategy Support

  • Help to plan innovation projects
  • Programme management of multiple projects
  • Examine the need for, and establish connections with relevant third parties such as universities, research teams or suppliers
  • Search for opportunities including relevant bids, tenders, grants and investment
  • Assessment of opportunities against a balanced scorecard (created for your business needs)
  • Work with your team to create ongoing capacity to win large scale grant applications, bids and tenders
  • Provide practical and detailed reviews of current proposals
  • Expertly lead the application for tenders, bids, grants, investment
  • Build a tender/bid/grant application library for your business

Case Study - Oakhill Veterinary Practice


Company overview:

A community veterinary practice, dealing with large and small animals, with a growing strand in specialist secondary referrals. £1M+ annual turnover and 24 staff.

How we engaged:

  • Listened and understood the vision
  • Questioned and challenged it
  • Identified and established key partners in the business who would provide information when asked.
  • Created a growth project plan to address IT, planning and grant application issues.

£1M+ annual turnover
and 24 staff.



The requirement:

Investment in 2004 has resulted in the practice reaching maximum capacity. A happy problem, however the practice now needed a new focus and more space in which to grow. They identified that increasing revenue from secondary referrals and a specialist centre for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, was an area with huge potential, would lead to better margins and would establish them as a centre of excellence for the county. They were prepared to invest to establish this.

How we enabled:

  • Quickly got to work creating the roadmap
  • Identified potential funding bids from EU grants and alternative investment
  • Prepared and applied for planning permission
  • Identified the need for a revised and updated IT system
  • Researched IT systems and attained proposals in readiness
  • Conducted regular updates with the team
  • Submitted EU - LEADER grant application


The complexities:

  • Insufficient expertise within the business in terms of planning applications and attaining additional grant funding
  • Everyone in the business at maximum capacity
  • Business located in a National Park and World Heritage Site meaning additional challenges for planning and grant purposes

How they excelled:

This project is based on a three-year plan, to date:

  • Successful planning application
  • New IT system project plan being implemented realising better network speeds leading to increased productivity
  • Bank funding agreed in principle
  • EU funding expression of interest approved
  • EU full application submitted

The 3 -year plan aims to achieve:

  • 20% profit increase
  • Creation of 3 new highly skilled jobs
  • To become the second practice in the North-West with this specialist new centre and service
  • Establish a ‘pet tourism’ market as a centre of excellence for the specific veterinary led rehabilitation technique
Stables & Co has been a breath of fresh air to our business. Over the past 4 years we have focussed intensely on delivering the highest standards in clinical care, which as veterinary practitioners is something we have the skill set for. We have consequently seen steady year on year business growth mirroring the breadth of procedures we now offer and the increased number of staff to provide them. Over the last 12 months it has become evident our biggest challenges will be Partner’s TIME, business strategy, forward planning and the Practice’s capacity as we move forwards.

That is where Stables & Co. has brought a wealth of help and experience. Stables & Co. has listened, brought ideas and solutions to the table and then implemented them. Their help over recent months includes a successful planning application and grant funding to improve both practice capacity and cash flow. This would certainly would not have been possible without their help. As a business we are always looking to the future and we look forward to working closely with Stables & Co.
— Dr A. J. Kirby, Partner, BVetMed, MRCVS