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Stables & Co. bring expertise and capacity to enable businesses and universities to innovate, grow and navigate their way through complex project management plans. Our expertise in listening, challenging and understanding allow us to sort the wheat from the chaff and create a path to success that gets you where you want to be.


A practical approach to delivery is what gets results that’s why we get on with the plan so you can get on with business. We have successfully managed projects and programs to a value of +£18M and secured over £35M in successful contracts and bids for our clients without disrupting ‘business as usual’.


Our expertise has stimulated and enabled business growth of over £100M. Our intelligence of business, universities, available bids, grants and tenders help maximise growth and innovation for our clients as we expertly steer through complex plans. Stables & Co. are proud of our track record.

“Stables & Co. has been a breath of fresh air to our business. They have listened, brought ideas and solutions to the table and then implemented them…”

- Dr A. J. Kirby, Partner at Oakhill Veterinary Practice