Universities & Research Institutions

In addition to their original roles of research and teaching Universities the world over are now expected to have broader and more direct socio-economic impacts on their local communities and on national policy agendas. This may be through knowledge exchange, the research impact agenda or commercialisation of IP. 


Knowledge exchange leadership experience combined with our commercial expertise and experience of the sales and business development process means that Stables & Co. can provide experienced and flexible resource to your knowledge exchange teams. Stables and Co works with your University knowledge exchange and enterprise teams to develop strategy, build internal capability and provide additional capacity.

Specific services we can offer are:

  • Provide Non-Executive Director Challenge and Strategy Support
  • Help to plan innovation projects
  • Examine the need for, and establish connections with relevant third parties such as businesses, research teams or suppliers
  • Search for opportunities including relevant bids, tenders, grants and investment
  • Assessment of opportunities against a balanced scorecard (created for your business needs)
  • Work with your team to create ongoing capacity to win large scale grant applications, bids and tenders
  • Provide practical and detailed reviews of current proposals
  • Expertly lead the application for tenders, bids, grants, investment
  • ·Build a tender/bid/grant application library for your business

Ultimately, universities are at the fore of education and innovation, Stables & Co can help them create the important and necessary relationships with businesses and the wider world.

PraxisAuril is a world-leading professional association for knowledge exchange and commercialisation practitioners. We develop knowledge exchange and technology transfer professionals with our world-leading training; connect members and stakeholders at our events and promote best practice for our sector. We facilitate interactions between the public sector research base, business and government; bringing together key stakeholders to debate, educate and inform. www.praxisauril.org.uk

Sarah worked with AURIL as a board member from 2015 and then as a non-executive director through an important transition phase as PraxisUnico and AURIL joined forces to form one new organisation, PraxisAuril. Throughout this period Sarah could be relied upon to provide both perceptive strategic guidance and proactive practical support and the volunteer Board and the executive team very much appreciated her contribution and the opportunity to benefit from her professional experience.

After the merger Sarah has continued to volunteer on our professional development committee adding an industry and SME voice to our business development courses and delivering training to knowledge exchange professionals in the UK and across Europe.
— Ms Maxine Ficarra, CEO at PraxisAuril